Ryazan State University named for S.A. Esenin application process:

Step 1

Choose the academic course (program) you wish to take from the following list .

Step 2

Fill in the application form  and send it the Office for International Affairs for screening (international@rsu.edu.ru)



for Summer semester for Russian language course(starting from July 01)

for Fall semester basic courses (starting from September, 01)

for Fall semester partner-university exchange program (starting from October, 01)

for Fall semester Russian language courses (from October, 01)  


for Spring semester basic courses (starting from February, 01)

for Spring semester partner-university exchange program (starting from March, 01)

for Spring semester Russian language courses (from February, 01)

Step 3:

Having screened your application the Office for International Affairs will contact you with enrollment information or additional questions.

Step 4:

If your application is confirmed you will need to wait for 5 weeks for the visa invitation to be ready and sent to your postal address.

While your visa invitation is being precessed in Russia, find out from your nearest Russian Embassy what documents you need to apply for a STUDENTS visa to Russia.

At the same time you need to negotiate the arrival date, the airport and other logistics details with the Office for International Affairs.

Step 5:

Get your visa to Russia & travel to Russia to study and have fun!

Step 6:

Contact the Office for International Affairs In case of emergency +7 4912 280584 (Russian time 9 am – 5 pm)

Step 7:

Come to the Office for International Affairs the next day after you have arrived to Ryazan.


If any questions address the Department of International Development


Phone / fax +7 4912 280584

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