Articles are accepted only if they comply with standards and requirements listed in «Submission Requirements»

The Editorial Board organizes reviewing of the given manuscripts. Reviewers are selected from experts in the field. Reviewers can recommend to accept articles in principle, to accept articles after some corrections have been introduced, to reject articles. In the last two cases the reviewers are obliged to enumerate the reasons.

Reviewers assess the theoretical and the applied significance of a research, they assess the author’s personal contribution, the authenticity and validity of research, the logic of expression (/wp-content/uploads/users/i.erlihson/form.pdf).  

Articles that do not comply with the aforementioned standards and requirements are rejected by the Editorial Board. Manuscripts and disks are not returned. Authors receive substantiated rejection letters.

Articles can be submitted throughout the year and, if independent experts recommend to accept them for publication, are included in ordered selection into the next issue of the journal.

Positive decision takes no more than three months. No submission fee is required. Publication is free for all categories of authors (PhD students included). The journal doesn’t pay any author’s emoluments.