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The International Journalistic Conference

On the 31st of October Olga Petrikina , a students of the Department of Russian Philology and National Culture, took part in the International Research Conference for young specialists ‘Ukraine and the Slavic World in Mass Media: the peculiarities of interaction’. The Conference gathered students from Ukraine, Czechia, Poland and Russia and took place in Kiev Slavistic University.

Olga Petrikina took part in the plenary session with the report ‘Russian-Ukrainian Cultural Relations on the Pages of Ryazan Internet Portals’. She also answered the journalists’ questions on different topics: the level of Russian education, transition of Slavic Universities to Bologna System, the prospects of electronic mass media development in the region etc.

More than that, Olga Petrikina presented the only Museum of Academician Izmail I. Sreznevsky in Europe created in our University. She also spoke about the events connected with the coming 200-year anniversary of the great scholar, whose work remains urgent for the whole Slavic society.