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Tanta University Delegation

On the 18th of October a delegation from Egypt lead by President of Tanta University, Doctor, mrs. Hala Fouad payed an official visit to Ryazan State University.The main event of the visit was the meeting of the guests form Egypt (President Hala Fouad,  Pro-rector, Doctor Abdelhakim, Leading specialist, Doctor Adel Abuseid) with Rector of Ryazan State University I. Sheina. On the Russian part the meeting was also attended by pro-rector A. Eltsov, Head of the Department of International Development O. Sulitsa. The meeting resulted in signing the memorandum of collaboration and academic mobility enforcement between the two universities, the possibility of learnng Arabic for Russian students and Russian for Egytpian students for free was also discussed.

The members of the delegation had an excursion around the university. After dinner President Hala Fouad met students of Ryazan State University learning the Arabic language. President of Tanta University noted the students’ high level of linguistic knowledge.