Ryazan State University named for S. A. Yesenin

The Faculty of History and International Relations 

The Department of World History and International Relations 

International Scientific and Practical Conference

“A Person in the Modern and Current History”

 18TH APRIL, 2014 

The Faculty of History and International Relations of Ryazan State University named for S. Yesenin holds the International scientific and practical conference “A Person in the Modern and Current History” on the 18th of April, 2014.

The conference committee welcomes theses for the following themes:

  1. A person, state and society: mechanisms of interaction and mutual influence.
  2. Diplomats and diplomacy of the Modern and Current History.
  3. A person in the war:destruction and survival strategies.
  4. «A stranger among strangers»: stereotypes of perception of foreigners and objective reality.  
  5. Personality in the perception of contemporaries and researchers.
  6. «A hero or the crowd?»: Evolution of theoretical and methodological approaches to definition of determining factors in the historical process.

Registration deadline is the 25th of February, 2014.

The theses are accepted as an attached file. The text is about five pages in Word Editor, Times New Roman print, point size — 14, interval – 1,5; settings of the page – all fields are 2 cm.  At the beginning of a report: the author’s name is on the right; the title is below in the center. The references are placed under the text, the footnoots are in the square brackets with a number of a cited source and a page number. 

The officials have a right to decline inappropriate applications and thesis.

It is planned to publish a collection of theses by the beginning of the conference.

The conference participants bear the transport, accommodation and food costs.

The arrival of foreign participants is planned on the 17th of April, 2014 the leaving – on the 19th of April, 2014.